Quick-Thoughts: The Sopranos Season 2 (2000)

The gang gets religious: scares of near death, visions of hell, signs from the grave; the guilt, or more like, the fear is invading the Sopranos organization to nearly all members including those of the family. S**t’s gone so south that even the psychiatrist has to see a psychiatrist! In season 2 of The Sopranos we also seriously witness up-close the selfishness of the mob business, as Tony begins bleeding other families dry so that he can maintain a business and feed a family he can barely keep together himself. Yet, it’s eating him alive, finally allowing his sins to burn into his consciousness. 

I think I prefer season 1 marginally over this, specifically cause it spent more time and was dead focused on dissecting the psyche of a mob leader through the intriguing relationship between Tony and his psychiatrist Jennifer, which was arguably my favorite part of the show in general, but season 2 has definitely upped the ante on stakes when it comes to the health of all our demented crime characters. Their life ain’t getting easier that’s for sure. 

Verdict: B+

“The Sopranos” season 2 is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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