Another Quick but Better Review of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994)

5th Viewing

“Because you are a character, doesn’t mean you have character.”

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction: the essential example of organized chaos. Umm… like “organized” organized, like it’s very tidy. Explorations of relational boundaries, business ethics, the plausible aftermath mechanics of “divine intervention” or the amusing and maybe even often ironic ways it can alter our personas, all told through an existence of subtle karma helmed by the divinest of coincidences, and all amplified in some of the funniest sequences in the history of dark comedy. If you want to know why you’re so attracted to this beloved movie supposedly about “nothing,” it’s because it has so many predicaments of simple ambiguity to offer, matching seamlessly with its strange cast of mysterious characters, and that’s enough pulp fiction to peak any curious fella’s interest.

I still give it the stamp of approval as the world continues to call it “one of the greatest movies ever made,” because, well, it is — hard to beat a movie that’s the equivalent of opening up a toy box with a peculiar “skull” symbol on it. 

By the way, bring back color fading. Please, world of cinema, reconsider this lost art! 

Verdict: A+

Quentin Tarantino Ranked, My All-Time Favorites

“Pulp Fiction” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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