Quick-Thoughts: Federico Fellini’s La Strada (1954)

Federico Fellini Marathon Part II of VI

Interesting how Giulietta Masina went from playing a total introvert to a total extrovert from this to Nights of Cabrina. Two movies in and she’s already becoming one of my favorite actors ever! 

A little rough around the edges in plot and technicalities here and there, but not nearly enough to make La Strada seem like anything less than solid. Gelsomina believes that she has no reason to live, yet when she’s taken under the wing of an abusive circus-act man, her clinginess to his company begins warranting hope despite how cold-hearted of an individual he is. Excessive masculinity blinds us from our truest desires, resulting in negative possessiveness and unwarranted authority towards others, and isolation in those who commit it. The feeling of being needed is something essential to human livelihood; having connection is important to us, no matter how toxic the circumstances of it are. 

Obviously, I’m not saying you should stay in that kind of relationship, but I am most certainly saying La Strada capsulizes well why we choose to still stay in such. It’s in our habit to find even the merest amount of purpose in those who surround our lives, whether it be of the wrong and torturous or otherwise.

Verdict: B+

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“La Strada” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel, HBO Max and Kanopy.

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