Quick-Thoughts: Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Amores Perros (2000)

I feel like the only truly moral interpretation you can have of this movie is that all these people were faced with agonizing karma simply because they sucked major ass at taking care of their dogs. This is a 154 minute nightmare watch for John Wick. 

Alejandro González Iñárritu is clearly a genius when it comes to placing his audience into believable tribulation. He’s a raw performance getter, an aggressive perfectionist at the hands of a camera, and is quite perceptive when it comes to emulating authenticity in the pain of society. Whether that “genius” actually plays out for “genius” reasons, however, is otherwise on the more polarizing side of debate. Amores Perros’s unconventional exploration of love ideology has ultimately set itself apart from others that seek the theme, showing three dramatic “romantic” stories that happen to be intertwined with one another. They certainly are hard ones to watch too, but are they compelling enough to warrant their stay? 

Love controls, blinds, yet brings us to life; it is the only thing that encourages us to live actually. One thing is for certain though in the case of our characters here: love is driven often by greed, and it’s redefined only when a new situational circumstance arrives at their doorsteps by chance; when greed can’t currently be foreseen by their once addictive love, they are forced to lethally mimic into selflessness, only so that their form of egoism can return back safely one day — which is kind of selfish in its own way but you get the picture; it’s a whole conundrum of personal-driven lust. Romance can momentarily evoke the “unconditional” runway given time in a partnership but that unconditionality can be just as easily damaged when you’re given reason to believe it does not grant you a consistent journey of happiness in your relationship; as we grow older, we become more and more aware of our inward-looking intents with romance or care for a loved one. It can be abused as men are to dogs bred for cage fighting, or it can be torn apart due to authority positions like how a human is with their “pet.” This sort of greed can even mutate into the lives of others unrelated, tampering with the ecosystem of human connection surrounding us. 

It’s a pretty straightforward concept, that despite the economical position of a person love is always conjured up by an uncharitable instinct but is also always designed to trigger conflict, jealousies, petty expectations, and regret, the kind of s**t you’d expect to come out of any form of desire really… or just kind of doing or thinking about anything at all in society cause the laws of cause + effect(?); this is the general memo of what I got from Amores Perros in its two and a half hour domino effect of presenting what love can do in a human-based population of rich and poor. I guess that’s cool enough of a gist for me, Iñárritu; just keep throwing your usual insanely nimble visual magic at me and I’ll just keep giving your films guaranteed positive scores.

Verdict: B+

“Amores Perros” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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