Quick-Thoughts: Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon

You know for a movie that may appear suspiciously like something made to convince you even MORE to blindly indulge in Disney consumerism without reason and strictly “trust”… it wasn’t that bad! 

I’m still waiting for the day these fellas finally match their quality animation and world designing to their scripts, as I’ve become worn of feeling like I’m some grumpy, old boomer phased by the substantial supremacy of Disney and Pixar’s pre-Toy Story 3 efforts. It’d be barely a spoiler if I went over the entire plot of Raya and the Last Dragon since Disney’s stories since then have become so conditioned to formula that every set-up almost blatantly insinuates where it’s heading to or concluding in. Its ideology of trust is also a tad twisted in its own hypocrisies, but at the same time, I understand that this is a “kid’s movie”, and just introducing children to the “trust goes both ways” statement — while not communicated that effectively nor logistically in the actual movie itself — is probably more comforting in the long run than leading them to give into a tactical paranoia of strangers and the long term social anxieties that usually come with that. Better to be blinded by trust than stressed to death by your realistic understanding of human ego! What a perfect analogy for your love of Disney ironically found in a Disney movie! 

Awkwafina is the highlight of the movie for me… again, gotta be real with y’all. Dragon s**t, ya know the drill? Boun and the babies were cute too.

Verdict: C+

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“Raya and the Last Dragon” is now available to BUY on Disney+ for $30! $30??? Just wait until it’s free for Disney+ subscribers on June 4th!

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