Quick-Thoughts: Nobody

Christopher Lloyd… holy f**k; not to mention that cameo appearance on top of that… holy f**k. AND, Mr. Goodman? Holy f**k, f**k, f**k…

Nobody almost came off to me as a mockery of the serious tone and plot of John Wick — instead of a dead dog, we get a lost kitty bracelet, instead of a right to vengeance in honor of a dead spouse, we get an excuse to beat up some pervs due to a tacky middle-aged existential crisis — except the film indulges in the same badass action spectacle of the one-man killing-machine gore-a-thon that made Chad Stahelski’s franchise thrilling in the first place. Ilya Naishuller’s work here essentially ran its magic on me because it just kept accumulating into this satirical glorification of sociopathic violence by using the absurd strength of an ex-hitman’s nostalgia as a foundation to keep convincing himself that the “nobody” side of his life was always set to be temporary. Isn’t it just so awe-inspiring to see a man happy to kill again? Umm…

The bus and warehouse scene in Nobody are worth the ticket admission alone; I had fun with Naishuller’s follow-up, and you should too! 

Verdict: B-

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“Nobody” is now playing in theaters.

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