Quick-Thoughts: Federico Fellini’s Amarcord (1973)

Federico Fellini Marathon Part VI of VI

No horny police allowed in my Fascist Italy! Umm… Foreshadowing? 

You know, I don’t mind a little nostalgia porn from time to time myself. The humanity of Amarcord is quite peachy, deriving straight from the manipulated memories of Federico Fellini himself. It’s no shock that recollection in childhood is usually glorified positively, and Fellini makes efforts for that to appear very much the case in this likable breeze of a mental wash, especially when put against some of his astir previous endeavors. It’s not NEARLY my favorite Fellini, but it’s inclusively charming and successful in what it sets out to exhibit.

Peacocks are very nostalgic to me though, so when that one appeared during the film, the coincidence had me flabbergasted; I grew up in an area full of them so it’s hard not to.

Verdict: B

Federico Fellini Ranked

“Amarcord” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel and HBO Max.

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