Quick-Thoughts: Federico Fellini’s Toby Dammit (1968)

Federico Fellini Marathon Part V of VI

Federico Fellini’s slim adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s work feels like a long lost segment to , except it’s shelled into this Dario Argento-vibey horror hybrid that’s got me personally even more fretful to seek out a career in the film industry. The use of orange and red in the opening segment of Toby Dammit is so intense that it feels like the planet is literally ready to implode into flames, sending us straight into an alienated nightmare world of phoney-ass talkshow interviews and *dun dun DUN* the OSCARS, and proceeding so with a very much soberless driving sequence that had my timid, poor body on ice for nearly fifteen cold minutes. I must say, it was quite curious seeing the Devil himself swing a dashing home run before the picture ended too; it surely packed the final punch I needed to consider this short nothing less than a miracle of surreal horror-telling.

Furthermore, I’d like to see Terrence Stamp and Marcello Mastroianni have a match-up now for who can play the more washed-up celebrity, please? Mastroianni may have taken me on the superior trip, but it only took Stamp 40 minutes to convince me that he was already there.

Verdict: A-

Federico Fellini Ranked

“Toby Dammit” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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