Quick-Thoughts: Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7

Aaron Sore-kin. 

One of those movies where the ending became the breaking point for me. For nearly an entire two hours, acclaimed writer and now director Aaron Sorkin had me walking on thin rope for whether or not I was gonna dig this thing as a whole, bargaining me constantly with his trademark quip-savvy dialogue but occasionally taking me out if it with his puerile habit to lunge into some questionably cheesy territory, twisting history with chimerical reenactments that favor none of its real life subjects but rather so in pleasing audiences with white-lie arc idealisms. It’s difficult to deny some of the talent on screen though, seriously: competent performances from everyone, really engaging editing too, and again, Sorkin’s *usually* tasteful dialogue sure makes the time go by faster, but clean pacing shouldn’t outweigh matured poignancy in a movie literally designated to uphold such a pivotal trial in American history.

Oh yeah, and I don’t know whose decision it was to make the music for this movie sound like it came directly out of a montage sequence from Saw, but wow, that may have been about the most offensive thing that came from this film.

Verdict: C+

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“The Trial of Chicago 7” is now available to stream on Netflix and playing in select theaters.

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