Quick-Thoughts: Saw II (2005)

Saw Marathon • 2nd Viewing • Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead

Shoutout to the Un Chien Andalou opening.

I feel like this sequel’s editing abuses the aesthetic of the original by excessively replicating the jumpy montaging and transitional swipe cuts of it to a point where the final product appears more so as if an amateur fan club of the original desperately wanted to tribute the nausea of its inspirer with a negligent “more is better” philosophy, and by then thinking that it would (dare I say?) ”top” it. The absence of James Wan’s passion-driven direction is so painfully apparent in Saw II that the charm of a controlled style isn’t there to compensate for the lack of strong writing like its predecessor. Instead we get lifeless, over-cut industry standard shot amalgamating/compositing, flagrantly try-hard terror-porn, and annoyingly braindead stereotype horror movie characters that come full equipped with some over-the-top, hotheaded dialogue (meant to be taken seriously) that’ll have any mindful viewer unconvinced. And, GOOD LORD is this movie hideously palleted. The art of lighting and coloring could cease forever from this inconsistently over-filtered movie’s existence alone. Don’t even get me started too on how laughably big-noggin this sequel must think it is for ending off on the same shot, line, and location as the original Saw. Like who gives a s**t? Thanks for reminding me of a SIGNIFICANTLY better movie that I could’ve been watching instead. 

Donnie Wahlberg and Tobin Bell’s dynamic is at least tolerable though, and the big twist at the end is pretty neat too, but not nearly enough so to make up for the sheer lack of merit that lurks in about every rotting corner leading up to the matter especially whenever it concerned itself with the unbearably written abandoned house group. I’m seriously debating now if I should even continue this Saw marathon. 

Update: I took a two day break… fine, I’ll continue it. :/

Verdict: D+

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“Saw II” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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