Quick-Thoughts: Saw V (2008)

Saw Marathon • 2nd Viewing • Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead

“Killing is distasteful! To me.” – Jigsaw

Also Jigsaw: tells Zep in the original Saw to kill an innocent mother and daughter, and Amanda to kill her ex-cellmate. Ahh, killing isn’t distasteful as long as I’m telling someone to do it and it’s not me who does it directly.

BOR-ING. I had no idea that I was getting myself into what’s essentially the porno (without the porn) version of Dexter season 2 or, better yet, a movie that’s as if one of those recap episodes for which television shows sometimes do was adapted into a multi-million dollar feature-length just to re-explain Saw III and IV; this even follows the same uninteresting Solo: A Star Wars Story clarification tactics that I had mentioned in my Saw IV review too with its elongated deep dive into the story behind Hoffman and Jigsaw for which most of y’all for sure don’t give two s**ts about nor does it contribute jack to warrant an entire sequel. HOWEVER, I did at least enjoy the whole five capitalists sittin’ in a series of traps plot-line, and the editing is surprisingly the most refrained it’s ever been since the original, but that’s not nearly enough firepower to live up to the past two Saw movies for me. Plus, it’s not even that absurd by the end! What a predictable twist… BOOO! 

Okay, but why would Strahm not report that there was clearly another person who knocked him out so that he could end up in the water box trap? How is this guy smart enough to poke a pen tube through his throat so that he can breath with his head in water but not smart enough to simply do his job? Lol! 

Verdict: D+

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“Saw V” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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