Quick-Thoughts: Wes Craven’s Scream 3 (2000)

The Scream movies give off the same vibe as the live action Scooby-Doo movies the more I think about it. Early 2000s gang, where you at?

Scream 3 has about as much insightful social commentary on pervy Hollywood execs as you would expect from a Harvey Weinstein produced motion picture. Wes Craven’s once upon a time in Hollywood resorts back to Scream 2’s subplot of corrupt media’s exploitation of real-life tragedies while hammering at the tropes of trilogy conclusions, but with the actual focus and weight of those topics as if the human embodiment of ADHD decided to draft them in one go. This movie gets kind of Halloween II (the Rick Rosenthal one, not the Rob Zombie one…) on us towards the end, as well, proving once more that this franchise is just progressively becoming everything that it had initially sought out to revert away from in the slasher genre. 

Also, here’s my impression of Dewy handling a situation in this movie:


*Looks at inanimate object.*

“Or shoot?”

*Looks at serial killer.*


*Looks at inanimate object again.*

“Or shoot?”

*Looks at serial killer again.*


*Proceeds to shoot inanimate object with all his rounds.*

Verdict: C-

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“Scream 3” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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