Quick-Thoughts: Pixar’s Luca

Get yourselves a mom that will punt-kick other children for you. 

Personally, I’ve never been that big of a fish guy. Yeah yeah, I know it’s a hearty source of calcium, phosphorus and what have you, but until the accuser is proven wrong, I say fish is a mid to bottom-tier protein in terms of taste. Whether it’s tuna, cod, halibut, etc., I usually can’t stand them. I’m not even a fish and chips guy; the beer-batter is icky! However, I never minded the classic soy sauce-coated baked Salmon with the crispy silver skin left on, and while I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s always going to be an essential pick for me, I do think there’s a psychosomatic science behind my exclusive liking for it which goes beyond the unusually high amounts of fatty material that it contains when compared to the average fish. I always thought some of the 99 Ranch fish selections were bomb as well — folks of culture who know what this market chain is, I applaud you — especially this ordinary-looking whitefish that was nonetheless so golden-flavored and gently seasoned with a penetrating crumb gesture that at times I was almost convinced this was just healthier-tasting fried chicken in disguise. Suffice it to say, Pixar’s latest has drifted me astray in this rich train of thought due to its powerful profession in the acclaimed and universal delicacy. Luca seems to scrutinize this construct on the importance of fish, whether that be from how we train them as pawns in a farming ecosystem only then to turn our backs on them by sacrificing the lot for self-needs, or maybe from how we give them second chances as long as they are essentially humans and not just helpless species. Fish really are friends, but they‘re also food too. 

S**tposting aside…

Minimalistic storytelling Pixar is honestly kind of a vibe, but they’re going to have to surpass “coming-of-age” and “culture shock 101” before they can get me moderately wrapped up in this (sorta new?) transition in the studio’s career. Also, I could’ve sworn they already made Brave (2012), yet here we are, except they’re shape of watering instead of revenant-ing it this time. Grr. 

Verdict: C

2021 Ranked, Pixar Ranked

“Luca” is now available to stream on Disney+.

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