Quick-Thoughts: Zola (2020)

I swear, mofos will watch one Harmony Korine movie and suddenly it becomes their lives.

Mica Levi is a prophet at using simple two-stem patterns, and her new intentionally idle, nutty score is stoning the entire audience with musical dopamine as far as I’m concerned. Somehow laid-back with a cynical tang of carelessness to a grave conundrum yet aggressive with its depictions of eerily hardheaded perpetrators and even more eerily dilapidated victims, Janicza Bravo has converted 148 tweets into 86 minutes of partially fun and hopefully sarcastic nudging that amounts to a somewhat operative commentary on covering-up complication through social media-like habits. The quirky style that’s always spacing out as if it’s on the verge of erupting and the loud, extravagant performance comedy seems to at least bring Zola to a sound place in mind anyhow.

Verdict: B-

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“Zola” is now playing in theaters.

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