Quick-Thoughts: Riders of Justice (2020)

Taken (2008) premium or John Wick (2014) but w/counseling, idk. 

Blatantly reeking of an intense obsession for the butterfly/chaos theory whether it’s between an almost fated dynamic of parent and spouse, tiny events to their rather catastrophic repercussions, and statistical inquiries made by characters faced then to a revealing yet fittingly sporadic plot structure, Riders of Justice is unique in concerns of how it reviews its subject matter to say the least. Sometimes the topic may feel secondary in light of its frequently vanilla debbie-downer drama and daring use of black comedy for which is so moody at times that it almost comes off as social awareness for its mentally disturbed characters through the language of laughter, but I can’t say the theory’s presence never left the screen, allowing viewers to sort of interpret everything by the end that had just occurred in front of their eyes using the mere basics of what the movie states regarding the philosophical concept.

But as mentioned before, this is a film assembled under unusually adverse characters, ones for which we may not have full backstories of but certainly enough downcasted specter to suggest their need and desires for a union. Their journey of being hunted by notorious terrorists ironically becomes a hardy series of therapy sessions to them, divulging possibly the real internal reasons for why people band together to fight justice in the first place — hint: it’s usually inherently selfish no matter the facts you solemnly swore to put on the table, but in the end that’s okay, I guess? Dead ends in meaning call for deadheaded decisions. Just try to make the best out of your mistakes; yes… your mistakes. 

Verdict: B-

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“Riders of Justice” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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