Quick-Thoughts: Leos Carax’s Boy Meets Girl (1984)

This is like if Charlie Brown’s “sad walk” was adapted into an entire feature-length.

I can tell Leos Carax has one serious hard-on (but hey, who doesn’t?) for French New Wave cinema in this pitfall of heartbreak he has subjected to quite excessively in the vein of that style, but not to an utterly tarnishing point where I couldn’t be guzzled into what’s essentially occurring here. 

There’s nothing more to say in terms of plot when I mention that this is just a break-up aftermath colliding with a meet-up inception. After his departure from a partner, our main youthful griever Alex is forced to dial-in and endure steadily both the classic wails of aggression and passionate flauntings of affection from the random lovers that surround the streets in irritating or insensible manners, often gazing mindlessly or ignoring stubbornly at these no-name strangers depending on their situation, all in the name of maintaining his glorification of love as some invincible euphoria. I noticed touches of surrealism in its life-sedated, dreamy atmosphere of stringy dialogue and noises that make the film really easy to sink deep into. Boy Meets Girl may not seem like its to completion with its ideas on the complications of young romance and perhaps a bit too tribute-y to its inspirers, but holy f**k is it a mood that I have no regrets testing out and admittedly relating to.

Lighting and sound direction had me floatin’ too.

Verdict: B

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“Boy Meets Girl” is now available to stream on Kanopy.

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