Quick-Thoughts: David Lynch’s Lost Highway (1997)

Yeah, I’d say this movie describes feelings of road rage pretty accurately.

This is a first time watch of a David Lynch movie so you already know I didn’t understand a good chunk of what the f**k just happened, but I imagine that this is supposed to represent having a final glimpse at the dreams you never got to experience before or as you face a soon to come death type of schtick. It seems to circulate this concept around the male fantasy or the glorified excess of how we’d like women to perceive us particularly as a constant necessity. It’s really hard to go any deeper without spoiling the film, so I’ll leave it at that and say though what Lynch has done here once again impressed and lured the hell out of me. It feels a bit like a precursor to Mulholland Drive (2001) as well with its alternating and eventually coexisting structure between reality and fantasy. I also did not expect in the slightest for Rob Zombie-like picks to be making the cut of a David Lynch soundtrack, but if we’re going to amplify the vibes of your stereotypical middle-aged American man who may be sus because of his wannabe-stud mindset, you gotta do what ya gotta do. 

But hey, not everybody can be Johnny Sins. That’s life, man. 

Verdict: A-

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“Lost Highway” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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