Quick-Thoughts: Robert Altman’s Nashville (1975)

Screened at The Frida Cinema

Robert Altman’s anti-political political movie. My politics are just overrated traditions, I say!

A frank, festive, and homey freelancing mood piece spoken as both a conversationalist and a countryside music nut’s depiction of the everyday ups and downs of the U.S. common folk. This is a movie that appears more lost in the moment rather politically charged despite its obvious story circumstances, feeling quite careless and unemotional towards any of the dramas it presents given the reality of how continuous the ego and attention-driven similarities and simplicities of all our individual habits are for which American culture has taught us on. By constantly cutting off so many rants and tragedies in the midst of their points with scenarios polar opposite to them, Altman really hammers this ground of neutralism home. Nashville is definitely an annual must watch for the semi-nihilistic and brain numb 4th of July or election day enthusiast (aka, me and most citizens of this country) who ironically celebrate its lead ups for the aimless social joys, mundanities, and disappointments that are welded into it rather than for its intended, glorified purposes, as most big events, holidays, or celebrations have sort of evolved to here. 

God bless, Geraldine Chaplin’s funny personality in this too!

Verdict: A

All-Time Favorites

“Nashville” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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