Quick-Thoughts: The Sopranos Season 4 (2002)

“You got too much time to think about yourselves.”

Jeez are these people truly falling apart now. Is it just that time of the year or is every character in this season deliberately depressed and absolutely fatigued of themselves and their lifestyle? Not to mention, the amount of bad-blood boiling between friends and family is fermented unlike any of the seasons beforehand; the gang has become unbelievably careless with the steps they’ve been taking to sustain their place in this mafia empire. I suppose it shouldn’t be a complete shock though that The Sopranos is really inching in on taking the “downward spiral” to new levels of persistency, but despite there being two seasons left of this show, it feels as if our characters’ demise could close in much sooner than that. I have not much else to say about this year of the show though — it’s probably my least favorite so far actually and by far the one that justifies its runtime the least, plus I think the psychology aspect of the show gets almost entirely shelved for the straightforward drama — but there’s no doubt that it still has my interest locked deeply into the story.

Verdict: B+

“The Sopranos” is now streaming on HBO Max.

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