Quick-Thoughts: The Nowhere Inn (2019)

As someone who has been an unapologetic St. Vincent fanboy for more than half a decade now, it majorly hurts me to say I didn’t quite love this. The Nowhere Inn is a super SUPER meta mockumentary, to the point where it’s entirely aware that it’s often being quirky and experimental for the sake of being quirky and experimental, announcing boldly how St. Vincent is just some normal person and how there’s really no reason to make a documentary on her unless its brutally sensationalized just like how her career and audience / fanbase relationship is, so how about we instead just bask in the randomness of her tour footage and improvised live-action sequences for the hell of it! The pretentiousness of her dorky, rebellious nature is just who she proudly claims to be, and the movie’s aesthetic inhabits that. Whenever there’s any commentary on industry reality, artistic procedure, or celebrity experience though, it’s only ever touched on blatantly — yet hilariously — in character lines or cheesy hallucinatory symbolisms, so the mystery there is sadly dead and, not to mention, very familiar as well, but it’s still mildly enjoyable watching everything else just so you can curiously anticipate how much weirder the next scene can possibly get. 

Also for the second time now, they need to coin “8 1/2” as an official movie genre. Maybe “Mulholland Drive” now too?

Verdict: C+

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“The Nowhere Inn” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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