Quick-Thoughts: Julia Ducournau’s Titane

Well… I mean… Her last film was about a college cannibal cult, so I guess this can only appear as nothing more than a logical “step-up” moving forward…

Not nearly based on the Cronenberg-ian vibes I was led on to believe; this is actually way more Certified Copy (2010) than Crash (1996) despite… you know… cars, and honestly more akin to the twisted family analyses of Raw (2016) than I expected. Titane is defined by its unusual beauty for using false premises, caused by our main characters’ discomforts for their modern isolations, to push these said artificial circumstances into dynamics of unconditional love that are so intentionally taboo and desperate, giving us the full effect of what the characters at hand are willing to face to heal the almost irredeemable tragedies that have paved the majority of their past lives. 

Two characters, one grown killer from greater evil ready to repent into a new phase of becoming more “human” and one miserable enough to replace a dear loss to remove his despondent masculine suppression, come together, and this unification is oddly uplifting because of Ducournau’s novel idea that trauma can be crossbred with others’ (no matter how distant from each other they are) to then benefit these fighters into a new stage in their and even their future generation’s lives: a pretty relatable metaphor especially coming from someone raised by parents who went through a lot of drastic childhood trauma to get me to the safe and understanding place that I’m lucky enough to have today. The sensitivity for humans to become monstrous ironically has the privilege of building something that rightfully opposes it after the matter, and that construction doesn’t have to necessarily be made by blood (or oil…) especially if that’s where it all started.

Some of the best shot and furthermore soundtracked scenes of the year are in Titane too — Doing It to Death!!! and that ENDING — so don’t miss it for the world even if you’re hesitant of its bonkers premise. Julia Ducournau is seriously on her way to becoming a household name and we’re only two films into her career.

Verdict: A-

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“Titane” is now playing in theaters.

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