Quick-Thoughts: Sara Gómez’s One Way or Another (1977)

In an alternate dimension, Sara Gómez would go on to make a catalog of groundbreaking cinematic feature-lengths than just one. Known for working PA for acclaimed auteurs such as Agnès Varda, her last piece One Way or Another attempts the quasi-documentary style prematurely in ‘77. While the film itself can occasionally drag, feeling like just some winged experimental test at conveying a few beliefs by tying a plain-sailing fiction on the egoisms in machismo with some more engaging nonfictions that help reinforce this contrived story, it’s still worth the watch nonetheless because of Gómez’s interesting philosophy on how wealth-ifying lower class areas does not automatically absolve them from their struggles, a myth to revolution which completely undermines the complexity of social function that’s already embedded in the people’s habits from their obsessive traditions usually having to do with gender roles.

Verdict: B-

“One Way or Another” is now available to stream on YouTube.

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