Quick-Thoughts: Mass

This covers about everything you’d expect from a straightforward drama regarding a rather touchy subject matter and its four shattered and knowledge-obscured personalities, which may be why its intellectual potential for broader discovery on such a real-life affair seems a tad lost because of its dilation on tidy character arcs, but the breathtaking performances here are what truly justify this one-room gimmick project. The moment I heard too that the stoner from Cabin in the Woods (2012) was directing and writing a serious arthouse indie, I f**king lost my shit and was immediately sold, and you know what? I can’t say I’m disappointed by his radical switch in career. I genuinely don’t want to get into Mass anymore though for the sake of keeping you clueless because that is absolutely how you should go into this movie, so please please please don’t read any loglines on it or watch the trailer(s) for it; just be prepared to get a little emotional throughout and I firmly assume even more so if you’re a parent. 

Verdict: B-

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“Mass” is now playing in select theaters.

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