Quick-Thoughts: Euzhan Palcy’s Sugar Cane Alley (1983)

“Learning” IS learning to survive. 

Sugar Cane Alley pulls off adequately a nearly impossible to accomplish tonal breach: make a charming coming of age story that is simultaneously draining as well under its discriminate setting. Reiterated: pulling off anything that has to do with colonialism and somehow making its terror become split by the frequent wholesomeness of an adolescent’s journey and cultural spirit is worth witnessing at least once. Even the basic melodrama plot that may seem a smidge dated wasn’t taxing enough for me to look past the ample cuts it gave whenever it simply dealt with the everyday slices of life in becoming an educated individual, our ambition for success built in the name of sacrificed loved ones.

Verdict: B-

“Sugar Cane Alley” is not available to stream at the moment.

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