Quick-Thoughts: Ann Hui’s Night and Fog (2009)

Reminds me frighteningly of some stories I’ve heard from Chinese relatives and the heavy patriarchal culture that’s embedded within the foreign grounds they grew up in, so this didn’t make Ann Hui’s domestic abuse drama any easier to watch. Night and Fog kind of teeters though for me on being just a straightforward advisory about its social subject matter in the likes of Hong Kong, lacking somewhat in further investigation of anything besides how it wants to subvert and nail-bite its audience with from plot structure. I do think it works in that regard though as a way to effectively trigger its audience with the general knowledge, from these detailed and graphic physical signs, that these sort of affairs unfortunately arise frequently given the very corrupt state of legal process in Hong Kong’s social work and police departments, as well as the negligence in popular and therefore powerful sexist cultural norms. 

Verdict: B-

“Night and Fog” is currently unavailable to stream online.

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