Quick-Thoughts: Pablo Larraín’s Fuga (2006)

Art not as a fruitful mechanism to cope with the loss of loved ones, but rather as an obsession that will only make your tragedy (or more so in the film’s case a forced and arguably selfish relation to tragedy within another forced and arguably selfish relation to tragedy) cut deeper than it already has when you seek to ingest more and more information about it, associating it lethally to even the broadest “coincidences” in your everyday life. Sure, this venture is pretty been there done that and nothing remotely seminal as far as cinematic themes go, but Pablo Larraín’s directorial debut still exotically — through the power of intemperate orchestra music and bloody pianos! — surveys this rather classic idea of enabling the past to haunt so long as you allow it to live in the present.

Verdict: B-

“Fuga” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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