Quick-Thoughts: Pablo Larraín’s Spencer

Never in my life did I think bathroom shots would be topped after The Shining (1980)… until now.

Royalty not as a luxury, but as a prison. Spencer is (kind of?) Pablo Larraín’s Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) led though by a more Kristen Stewart-esc character than we may have presumed who has enough goading manner to put you so outstandingly into the mentally ill mind of Princess Diana that it literally made the stakes of her being late for dinner seem as demanding as life or death itself; to make this easier to understand, it’s really f**king difficult to make Christmas (the days for which this movie takes place) seem like the very embodiment of Hell on Earth to me, and this movie did that as if it were nothing. 

Shoutout to Larraín, Mathon, and Greenwood for shooting and scoring the living s**t out of this. Spencer may just be (actually I think it is!) the best looking and sounding movie of the year so far; I must confess though, I was a bit polarized by its ending but THIS at least has to count for something — i.e. please watch this movie nowhere else but on the big screen.

Verdict: B

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“Spencer” is now playing in select theaters.

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