Quick-Thoughts: Pablo Larraín’s Tony Manero (2008)

Me: “The perfect movie premise doesn’t exist…”

Tony Manero: “😎”

This movie is honestly just me but with the Kate Bush “Babooshka” dance and umm… that’s a bit off-topic *excuse me* but anywho, Pablo Larraín’s second feature-length project Tony Manero is about the most comical and furthermore demeaning representation of psychopathic leadership (facism???) I’ve ever come across, using a trendy John Travolta starred American dance film as a host for temporarily effective and mind-numbing propaganda to keep the followers of our main character’s district under control in their submissive hellhole, but for just how much longer till they seek independence? A new “film” will only blow up shortly after; one can’t be in the spotlight for this long, especially if it’s for someone who indulges in only a single obsession or code; this is self-manipulation, self-manipulation that will counteractively force your toxic exclusivity onto others; the ship goes down with your people, and the worst part is when it happens, you’ll realize there never is winning at the end even for yourself.

It’s a “love letter” to the Chilean regime during the 70s when you think about it… hehe.

Verdict: B

“Tony Manero” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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