Quick-Thoughts: Lucrecia Martel’s The Holy Girl (2004)

Roses are red, violets are blue, this twisted ass (coming of age?) film, was awfully discomforting to view. 

Has some super interesting gimmicks going for it — showcasing characters whose ethical duties simultaneously clash with and even sometimes provoke unlawful desires amidst their pursuits or vise versa — but then draws them out extensively in realism, which only makes me wish that this had been a lot shorter than it is. Cinematic minimalism is one thing, sometimes (and in this case) replicating that distinct weight which natural storytelling can often allude, but not a whole lot of the existential, hard-hitting, and fragmented structuring of dreary authenticities which made her debut feature-length La Ciénaga (2001) work are there to enhance The Holy Girl, and the film just seems inadvisedly straightforward in comparison.

Verdict: C+

“The Holy Girl” is currently not available to stream.

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