Quick-Thoughts: Ghostbusters Afterlife

Paul Rudd to be hired as ALL future teachers, Mckenna Grace to play ALL future acting roles, and Podcast to be America’s eternal president. There, I saved the country.

Initial impression: the first half of Ghostbusters Afterlife surprisingly starts the story off tolerably — coming of age 101 + a low-life family — but from there on forward it essentially abandons this coloring of new characters succumbing to their environment for recycled spectacle, becoming this obnoxious clump of an amalgamation between being a remake of the 1984 original and an overstuffing of references from it. The climax of this movie is essentially the absolute worst outcome that can arise from sequels based on properties old enough to evoke nostalgia; I went from mildly having a good time with this to absolutely despising it particularly once we dove into that final act. Ugh, so close to mediocrity, but not quite!

Verdict: D+

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“Ghostbusters: Afterlife” is now playing in theaters.

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