Quick-Thoughts: Paolo Sorrentino’s The Hand of God

It’s not everyday you get to see a movie with an Italian Wall•E in it.

My first Paolo Sorrentino and so far so good! Immature families always bring me close to home, plus, how could I turn down this zealous of well-planned compositional shot tension + style, homey comedy, and sporadic dream-logic plot sequencing; the dude clearly loves classic Fellini-esc storytelling! Although a part of me feels as if I’ve seen this kind of coming of age film a million times already, Hand of God is at least made with such autobiographical intimacy that its immersion rises from Sorrentino’s own distinct experiential and learned wisdom. His almost empowering childhood channeling through a Neapolitan Eddie Redmayne leads him to recreate his initial convictions of viewing cinema as some sort of second chance to live the dull life like a new fantasy, replacing the family-numbing buffoonery that kept him afloat in youth. 

Verdict: B-

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“The Hand of God” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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