Quick-Thoughts: Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s Something in the Dirt

To be fair though, two LA bachelors would reddit their way through phenomena and eventually overlook its importance in light of the discrepancy of their own relationship.

A pretty standard homage to unsolved scientific mysteries that I nonetheless enjoyed watching — reason being may be that this is my introduction to Aaron Moorhead + Justin Benson, and I was just completely thrown off yet in a delighted way by the DIY nature of their filmmaking. The film’s blueprint of seemingly endless and progressively tedious “illuminati confirmed” coincidences went from being refreshing to bothersome as piece by piece the true colors of its intentions became revealed in each of our two main leads’ insinuating quarrels; the meaningless of the investigation that stages the fictional documentary Something in the Dirt becomes vivid to the individual when it disregards their inner desires day after day. It’s good to be a part of “something” that’ll have you remembered onward after death, but isn’t something just as important if not more important in how it rather affects you in the moment? 

So sure, this is absolutely one of those hipster-ish name-drop random fun textbook facts every five minutes with no guided continuity to them for the rest of the youtube turned theatrical release’s storyline, but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t leading to the point of the entire film: the aimlessness of piling theories towards nothing of progress but self-wants; a common reflection of many discoveries then after. If you think that’s not worth two hours of your time though, don’t watch this, but if you think it is, support the conspiracy theorist buffet! 

Verdict: B-

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“Something in the Dirt” currently does not have a release date yet.

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