Quick-Thoughts: Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train (1989)

Jim Jarmusch Marathon Part IV of VII

“So now do you feel a little happier?”

“I feel the same. I was already happy.”

A whole city revolving specific mechanics because of one dead man. Depending on how each and every one chooses to use him, in just a day he could either enthrall us, enrage us, discomfort us, worry us, haunt us, curious us, eternally inspiring our chosen appearances, gestures, insecurities, expectations, ambitions, misinterpretations, etc. A celebrity, especially a “king”, could live on to be a widespread facade of many people’s, especially locals’, behavior. Don’t know if this is really saying much though, or if this network had that much of an intense impact on me, but it was nice to see that chaos theory truth play out in real time, as per the usual Jarmusch feature. So endearing, so wholesome, so exceptionally performed, and quite quotable too. Hate to admit it, but it made me chuckle throughout…

Also, this is the oldest movie that I’ve seen with Steve Buscemi’s “man who takes the most Ls” typecast at play. Did Jarmusch start it???

Verdict: B

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“Mystery Train” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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