Quick-Thoughts: Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Kind of impossible not to view Drag Me to Hell as anything short of f**king adorable when its basically an Evil Dead movie trapped in an early 2000s romcom about yuppie lifestyle. It doesn’t exactly pan out to be a remotely good combo, but I’m just joyous something as ridiculous as this actually exists — a certified Sam Raimi moment lol. Nothing quite comes close to topping the first act’s kinetic parking garage sequence, but I was never bored onward as Raimi continued to do everything in his power to make you side with our lead — apart from a socially despicable sacrifice. Other than that, beyond a few exemplars of build-up and the presentation / design of The Devil itself, which is just sublime and used conservatively for better, the horror camp visuals are mostly inferior to what we’ve seen from Raimi before. The romantic subplot is somewhat too twee, furthermore incorporating itself into much of the script’s cheap and illogical plot — the $10,000 payment and oops the wrong envelope! — but the reasonable counterargument here is that the film isn’t trying to be anything but a leisured escalation of simple-minded drama. Moreover, it’s admittedly satisfying to see Raimi return back to his supernatural roots, even if the strategy to rejuvenate them is just barely in arms reach of succeeding. 

Verdict: C+

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“Drag Me to Hell” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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