Quick-Thoughts, Again: David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986)

Screened at The Roxie Theater • 2nd Viewing

“Well, I’ve never really been hairy enough. You know what I mean? Always too boyish. Been looking forward to a hairy body. It’s one of those compensations of old age.”


One of the most tragic stories in horror cinema: a man giving into change, giving into a terrifying amount of supercilious behavior from his evolving physicality and mentality and then riding off that high even as it erodes, letting the old and new flesh dual to do the talking of his ego. The world wasn’t fair enough, the world became fair, the world became too fair — against that of its once scrawny subject — and then we wanted the unfair world back or nothing. Aging is a completely natural process met by a fist of completely natural suicidal repercussions. 

Highly recommend watching a Cronenberg in a packed theater too. Should’ve known better that people would be quite reactionary to this kind of stuff!

Verdict Change: B+ —> A-

David Cronenberg Ranked, The Greatest Horror Movies Ever

“The Fly” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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