Quick-Thoughts: David Lynch’s Dune (1984)

Screened at The Roxie Theater

Lynch’s expositional rodeo but with say the first-person narrations and “bedtime legend” vibes he at least tries to play it off like an ancestral poem, which isn’t enough though for the glut of material its manipulating to not evolve into something that only becomes more and more exhausting by the scene. My complaint with Denis Villeneuve’s recent adaptation was already that the story rushed to its own detriment, but this? Especially the third act, the plot here is communicated via one serious jump-fest of ridiculously momentary story beats.

Though, not as terrible as I’ve heard many Lynch fans make it out to be, it’s still certainly teetering between mediocre and bad. Thankfully, the performances are *sometimes* fun to watch and it’s also *sometimes* fun to look at — should’ve gone in plastered!

There. I’ve finished the feature-lengths of David Lynch alas.

Verdict: C-

David Lynch Ranked

“Dune” is now available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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