Quick-Thoughts: Phil Tippett’s Mad God (2021)

Screened at The Frida Cinema

A movie like Mad God longs for your interpretation. It is a vulnerable cinematic excavation of the content of its creator’s nightmares, a practice in artistically materializing one’s déjà-rêvé, perhaps acting as a sort of therapy for Phil Tippett in doing so. The Old Testament-inspired fantasy realm that he has – for the past thirty years now – reconcocted with a doyen’s level of care humorously toys with our corporal circle of life by adjusted conditions that stretch the reality which we know of, just as dreams often do. A faceless figure giving a traveler the pouty eyes yet with no actual visible eyes, the voice of an infant spewing cryptic demands or for all we know whatever on an intercom broadcasted though importantly to the ears of thousands of disposable idols, a World War Hell filled with unsystematic clock ticks that subjectively bend time; what do they remind you of? What could they possibly be trying to tell you? Maybe this is something better left for the certified psychologists to decode but we’re all here anyways now, aren’t we?

An ambient album equivalent of a movie if I’d ever seen one.

Verdict: B

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“Mad God” will be playing in select theaters and available to stream on Shudder June 16th.

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