Quick-Thoughts: Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

For as joyously cute as the innocence in his nimble little innovations which create purpose in the supposedly imperceptible things can seem, Marcel is still equally as wholesome as he is just a bonafide savage – which can also admittedly be cute to behold at times nonetheless – yet it eventually encourages him to be judgmental and pessimistic too as he’s given opportunities to learn more about the world outside of his cozy yet quiet Airbnb, leading to halts on his once pure zeal for exploration.

By good fortune though, he happens to be shipwrecked with none other than his Grandmother Isabella Rossellini; if anyone has experienced life, it’s thee one and only, and she is ready to spiel it all out to get Marcel back on the right path for which he was once always on, but with an emphasis on applying it into the, at first, daunting elsewhere. You may have seen this sort of coming-of-age tale before, but perhaps not told with the amount of aesthetical perseverance that its mockumentary live-action meets stop-motion meets arts-and-craft seashell protagonists concoction has to offer.

Verdict: B-

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“Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” is now playing in select theaters and will be playing in wide release theaters July 15.

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