Quick-Thoughts: Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet

Screened at The Frida Cinema


Let’s face it: Peter Strickland makes films and will likely continue making films for the hormonally insecure. Flux Gourmet’s plot of a con art becoming “thee art” is not too different from a taboo facing its respected exposure, and this complex side of the self-humiliating facade of the artist is examined with a perfectly enjoyable satirical thrust that will, although, probably work its way for those akin to its subjects rather than those stumped by them. It’s full of farts, foodgaze, egg-lady emo-boy roleplay, but as bonkers as it sounds, it may just be Strickland at his most reserved, which is not to be completely minded.

Verdict: B-

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“Flux Gourmet” is now playing in select theaters and available to stream on VOD.

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