Quick-Thoughts: Jacques Demy’s Lola (1961)

Jacques Demy Marathon Part I of III

“It’s ruined. The sky ran into the sea.”

Actually, I’ll ask you: do you think this movie exists during days where these people’s lives happen to function on a series of coincidences or does it exist in a world where they all play a role in the same series of experiences but each enduring it during contrasting timelines? Either way, the charm of Jacques Demy’s directorial debut is this sort of celebratory plot-writing on how we share and pass on similar experiences, romanticizing our akin dreams that occasionally become a reality but, as compensation, stay very much a dream to the majority of others in this revolving script to frame humanity. Lola has options, but don’t you dare question that she’ll choose any other than the one most straight from a fairytale if presented! Tis a pity though that it naturally leaves room for others’ contempt towards likelihood…

Quite ahead of its time. Pulp Fiction.

Verdict: B+

Jacques Demy Ranked

“Lola” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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