Quick-Thoughts: Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975)

Screened at Regal • 4th Viewing

Capitalism is a maneater’s best friend. Perhaps my favorite metaphor in Jaws is when all the locals and visitors of Amity Island decide to go into the water fully knowing that there’s a shark in there. Why? Because they’re told that they’re safe despite facts, and to tell ya the truth, far too often do we allow that reassurance from superiors to be enough for us, so it only makes sense that we still manage ourselves to be surprised by its unfavorable outcomes. 

Now a big believer though that the first half of this is scarier than the second — despite Quint’s iconic monologue — but don’t get me wrong, they both get under my skin. Minimalism.

Verdict: A-

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“Jaws” is now playing in IMAX theaters.

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