Quick-Thoughts: Jacques Demy’s Bay of Angels (1963)

Jacques Demy Marathon Part II of III

This Jean guy has got to learn how to have some independence for himself, sheesh.

Quite the L when we allow chance to judge a person’s character, but in all fairness, that sort of sounds like the foundation for almost every encounter ever. The thing about gambling though is that it’s more direct: the act grants a stimulative ability to see a resolute good or bad to what came before or what’s to come, and it’s one of the easiest ways for us to judge our actions and subsequent drives based on its end results. It’s a simplified way of perceiving and living, and happiness and sadness in its perks become so black-and-white to the point where its straightforwardness is its addiction, especially in the face of love. The willingness to see it through and perhaps counter that yin and yang though then becomes what makes it worth going back to, to see if there is something deeper beyond its one-note mechanics, when really, luck is a bulls**t game we’d like to think is more deliberate than it actually is.

As someone who pulls crap like having to lock their car four times before leaving it, it’s furthermore proof that despite me knowing that these stunts are idle, I still subconsciously convince myself they’re not.

Verdict: B

Jacques Demy Ranked

“Bay of Angels” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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