Quick-Thoughts: Ruben Östlund’s Involuntary (2008)

Ruben Östlund Marathon Part II of V

Essentially round two of The Guitar Mongoloid but with more coherent themes linked between the multiple ongoing incidents. Much to its name, Involuntary is about how we maneuver observation: the silence of observation, the withholding of observation, the coping of observation, handling release of information from observation, affirming what we’ve observed into the reality of others – despite social jeopardy – as perhaps an intrinsic way of affirming it into our own. It’s then only fitting that Ruben Östlund continues to utilize his Peeping Tom compositions throughout, limiting visual boundaries as an atmospheric emulation of our innate pining to disinter closure.

Also, no wonder the bus driver’s wife divorced him so heinously. Supreme foreshadowing! 

Verdict: B-

Ruben Östlund Ranked

“Involuntary” is now available to stream on The Criterion Channel.

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