Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) Is Hilarious

If you’re wondering which version of the movie I watched, I did see the Theatrical Release. I have heard that the Director’s Cut is miles better than the Theatrical, but the only way I’m going to watch that version is if someone legitimately goes out of their way to buy me a copy. 

This is it! We’ve officially hit rock bottom with this franchise! Not only does Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers feature cheap jump scares, but it also features even more cheap jump scares, followed by even more cheap jump scares! Okay, but in all seriousness, this film truly was atrocious. It’s quite disappointing considering the beginning of this film was actually somewhat interesting. I’ll admit it, I was hooked! I had hope! Unfortunately though, what followed was an abundance of muddled plot holes, an uninspiring storyline, and predictability at an all-time high. Funny enough, some of Michael Myers’s kills were hilariously absurd. There was also a handful of hysterically bad moments in terms of character decisions that certainly had me laughing. The film additionally feels highly unfocused in the predicaments it presents which can majorly create confusion among viewers like myself. Overall, the film’s attempts at being horrifying usually comes off as comical, and it’s strive to revitalize an already dying franchise feels substantially inconsiderate. (Verdict: D) 

But holy shit, Paul Rudd is in this movie! Paul freaking Rudd! Guess every actor has to start somewhere…

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