Why Season 1 of Amazon’s The Boys is One of the Best Superhero Properties Out There

Spoiler-Free Review! In the first episode of The Boys, a good-hearted, superhuman, young lady who’s new to the professional business of crime-fighting, is raped by a famed superhero (a higher-ranked individual with a concerning amount of law and social power) under the principles of blackmail. It’s a lot to take in. I mean, this is […]

12 Observations I Made While Watching Nicholas Winding Refn’s New Mini-Series Too Old to Die Young

Spoiler-Free Review! Now, this is how television shows should be made! • Too Old to Die Young is essentially Nicolas Winding Refn’s Breaking Bad/Dexter. • This is quite possibly the best looking television show of all-time. There are glorious ultraviolet lighting (a well-known Refn trademark) and perfect color palettes; every shot is a treat to […]

Twin Peaks The Return (2017): The Perfect Sequel 25 Years Later

David Lynch’s 2017 sequel to the 90s television phenomena Twin Peaks, is something so deviant and outright irregular it’d be best to just go in and see it than continuously hear and read about it. It is so nauseating to even finely describe how this extraterrestrial operation made me feel and the visual storytelling that […]

Twin Peaks (1990-1991): The TV Mini-Series That Reshaped the Murder Mystery Genre Forever

After almost three long years, I have finally finished watching Twin Peaks. Sorry, I just like to savor my treats for as long as possible, darlings. In a parallel universe lies a distinct copy of Riverdale that is so godly, so dreamy, so A-1 classy, so unworldly unalike, and actually, well, a good show, that […]

The First Episode of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone is Quite the Letdown

I tried to go into CBS’s reboot of the Twilight Zone as open minded as possible. I used to obsessively watch Rod Serling’s original Twilight Zone television show as an immensely young lad (before I was even double digits) so going into this third reboot I made sure that I would critique it from a […]

Chronicling My Love, Death & Robots Binge-watch

Stemming from a zany amalgamation of a Black Mirror conundrum and some dark web hophead’s wet dream, Love, Death & Robots is a psychotic anthology of taboo artistry that further solidifies Netflix as a top-flight label roaming amidst the TV and Movie industry. Despite the show’s glaringly meandering defect—that being its uninterrupted habit to have a […]

Sharp Objects: A Wickedly Compulsive TV Miniseries

First off, before I start my review, can we just thank the universe real quick for Led Zeppelin?  Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s dive into Sharp Objects.  I read the novel, Sharp Objects, around four years ago. I remember it was during my edgy-phase of being heavily addicted to […]