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Some folks get confused about my “grade” rating system, so here’s a generalization of what each grade means!

A+ ~ Perfection. One of my all-time favorite movies!

A ~ A near masterpiece. Something truly worth praising about.

A- ~ Phenomenal. If the word “breathtaking” could be a movie, this would be it.

B+ ~ Remarkably impressive. Loved it.

~ Great! Maybe even really great! Wasn’t extradorinary but, who cares?

B- ~ An absolute blast. Has a decent amount of issues, but the pros tumble the cons.

C+ ~ THIS IS A POSITIVE SCORE. A good chunk of readers often mistaken this grade as “negative”. Make no mistake, this is a “positive” score. A solid movie that ultimately hits the “fresh” mark.

C ~ A mediocre film that has way too many issues. Overall, its dissapointing but, sufficient enough to mindlessly watch and “enjoy”.

C- ~ A movie that may not be good, but is certainly not complete garbage. It has some fine and redeemable moments.

D+ ~ This is where we start hitting “bad” territory.

D ~ A film that is absolute garbage. It has some sufficient qualities, but still remains to be trash.

D- ~ A despicable waste of time; something truly worth hating.

~ A so-called film that lives and breathes at the bottom of the barrel. I rarely give movies this grade but when I do, its either because it’s one of the worst pieces of s*** I’ve ever seen or it’s hilariously atrocious.

This is a layout of my rating system for films, but it can just as easily apply to the TV Shows and Books I review! 


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