Some folks get confused about my “grade” rating system, so here’s a generalization of what each grade means (2019-Present)!

🏆A+ ~ Perfection. I’ve only given around 80 movies so far this score so you know it’s something special to me! (100/100)

🏆A ~ A masterpiece in my opinion. Something truly worth spilling your heart over. (92/100)

🏅A- ~ Phenomenal. If the word “breathtaking” could be a movie, this would be it. (85/100)

🏅B+ ~ Remarkably brilliant. I would go as far as to say even that I loved it. (77/100)

👍🏼B ~ Great! It’s nothing that’ll likely end up on a “favorites” list of mine, but, who cares? Watch it! (69/100)

👍🏼B- ~ Has a decent amount of issues, but the pros tumble the cons. Being “average” is still fine in my book! (62/100)

🤷‍♀️C+ ~ So close to fresh, but there are obstacles that are preventing it from getting there. (54/100)

🤷‍♂️C ~ Mediocre and ultimately disappointing, but nothing I’d consider bad? (46/100)

🚫C- ~ Nothing offensively substandard, but it’s way below your time or money. (38/100)

🚫D+ ~ This is where we start hitting the “damn, that kinda sucked ass” territory. (31/100)

🚮D ~ HOT TRASH. It has some sufficient qualities, but is still nonetheless HOT TRASH. (23/100)

💩D- ~ A despicable waste of time; something truly worth hating. (15/100)

💩F ~ A disgrace against humanity or a hilarious blessing, who knows? LOL. (8/100)

This is a layout of my rating system for films, but it can just as easily apply to the TV Shows and Books I review! 

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