Quick-Thoughts: Searching

Searching is a DAMN good crime/mystery thriller! It does start off a tad corny and tame, but progressively as the film builds, the story gets more and more enticing. All the twists and turns presented throughout the runtime are not only prolific, but also, authentic. John Cho is profoundly convincing in this movie (by far the best performance I’ve seen from him) and so is a handful of the cast—but mainly just John Cho. Also the gimmick of the film (the found-footage aesthetic) doesn’t take away from the quality, in fact, it adds to it; it resonates well with our current technology-based society. The finale’s big “reveal” is absolutely ingenius; it truly echos with the film’s ongoing theme. Minor nitpicks would include some pacing issues and the score is kind of crappy, but overall, Searching is a hell of a ride and I highly recommend everybody (especially families) to seek this one out. (Verdict: B)

*SPOILERS* I’m sure everybody has already mentioned this, but the beginning of this movie is essentially the beginning of Up but in a live-action, found-footage format.

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