A Simple Favor isn’t as “Simple” as the Title May Suggest

The biggest compliment I can give A Simple Favor is that it ALWAYS had me guessing. The movie is fundamentally if Gone Girl was a comedy. Or…if Gillian Flynn all of the sudden, decided to make her writing more jubilant one day. 

It’s funny, cause only a couple weeks ago, Searching came out, which turned out to be an unexpectedly dexterous mystery thriller that I did not anticipate to be so cordon bleu, and now we have A Simple Mind, which turned out to also be an unexpectedly dexterous mystery thriller that I did not anticipate to be so cordon bleu. 

Casting Run-Down: Not only is Anna Kendrick adorkably badass in this, but Blake Lively is freakin’ eccentric in this. Her character has a certain manner that stands out like a sore thumb—despite that sounding negative, it is most doubtlessly positive—which is a sign of some sturdy writing and acting. No chill indeed. I can see now why she and Ryan Reynolds blend as such a lucrative couple. They’re both sarcastically savage edgelords. Ultimately, these two—I’m talking about Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively now—are simply put, ingenious wonders. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

There’s a certain finesse and foxy, angsty tone inserted throughout layers of this flick that made its entirety terribly merry, but also admirably edgeful. The film had unforeseen moxy to it which I appreciated quite openly. 

The sole main issue I have with A Simple Favor however, is that the film comes off a tad too quick-cut. It was a bit hard to breathe throughout the movie’s runtime since it’s always constantly moving due to some eerie editing choices, but really, that’s just a small knit-pick that didn’t completely banish my enjoyment. As the film progresses you get used to the rush. 

Overall, I did not expect A Simple Favor to be so freakin’ grand and so freakin’ “unsimplistic.” Damn titles. Anyways, I implore all you mystery fanatics out there who yearn little, stylistic twists to their devilish predilections, to seek this gem out immediately. (Verdict: B)

I think I might be the only person out there who is strangely attracted to Anna Kendrick more so than Blake Lively. Corky. 

So Paul Feig went from Ghostbusters: Answer the Call to A Simple Favor. Now that’s the pure definition of a “major quality jump.” 

Sidenote: If you want to know what the pure definition of a “major quality decline” would be, that’d be transitioning from “The Nice Guys” to “The Predator.” No, I will not stop roasting that movie thank you very much. 

But my boy Henry Golding though… Keep it up.

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