Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Reinvigorates Both the Animated Movie Genere and the Superhero Movie Genre

Now THIS is a real comic-book superhero movie! 

From the studio that brought you last year’s scandalous, The Emoji Movie, comes 2018’s official landmark of infinite creativity, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. 

Yes, Isle Of Dogs was stop-motion wizardry—and to this day I will still quibble that Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is the most beautifully animated movie of all-time—but Spider-Verse unquestionably snags the cake for “high-class animation” this year plainly based off of its admittances of boundless inventiveness. This is a literal comic-book brought to life that bears in a shocking amount of heart with its unforeseen, hard-boiled characters. 

Does it usually rover over common-ground through its rapid-fire, ceaseless pace? Yes, but the comprehensive product leads to a gem of absolute cinematic iridescence. This visual feast of righteous awesomeness can simply not be overcome by dainty nitpicks. (Verdict: B+) 

I’m glad we’ve advanced from having our blockbuster finales center around a giant, vertical beam/portal in the sky, to centering around a giant, horizontal beam/portal underground. Progression. 

This year has seriously been the year of legendary end credit sequences, hasn’t it?

My Ranking Of The Spider-Man Movies:
1) Spider-Man
2) Spider-Man 2
3) Into the Spider-Verse
4) Spider-Man: Homecoming
5) The Amazing Spider-Man
6) The Amazing Spider-Man 2
7) Spider-Man 3

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