Quickie: Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt (1963)

Screened at Landmark’s Ken Cinema with @J.S.Maxin & @noahkrommen

On the basis of what I have seen of Godard’s filmography so far, I can tell that this man has quite the fetish for creating stories about lovers slowly crumbling apart. Contempt disports Godard’s noteworthy knack once more in which he is able to impersonate an intrinsic sensation of naturalism—it’s as if Godard had merely turned on a camera and began filming a random married couple steadily arguing and rupturing their love for each other.

The unconstrained editing, the inclined romantic tragedy, and the required twenty-minute argument sequence between the story’s primary characters—which is Godard’s essential trademark—makes Contempt appear like some sort of paradox or spinoff to his masterful debut Breathless. The parallels between the Odyssey/Greek mythology and the chief tale additionally exalts this piece to more multiplex elucidations.

There’s this instinctively relatable feeling when it comes to Godard’s sixth motion picture. It’s nostalgic and a tad-bit discouraging, but unequivocally alluring. Contempt is déjà vu for cinephiles.

Verdict: B+

“Contempt” is now available to rent and buy YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Tubi, and The Criterion Channel.

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